massage & treatments

all massages are enhanced with both an
herbal heated back quilt and neck roll

low pressure*
I just want to relax

(calming lighter strokes)

the classic relaxation massage. using a
variety of strokes on superficial muscles,
this treatment is wonderful for increasing
circulation and calming frazzled minds
and bodies.

medium pressure*
this hurts, that aches & I like some pressure

(therapeutic, and for those who enjoy a little deeper work)

stronger pressure works wonders on tight areas, reaching deeper layers of muscle tissue to assist in healing problem areas.

high pressure*
go as deeply as you can

(your over worked body wants the very deepest work)

the best choice for athletes and people who just plain over-do it and like heavy work. stronger pressure combined with slower strokes works wonders to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue to assist in healing overused muscle groups.


can be added to the above

certified prenatal massage

for your special needs at this special time